“Regarding myself through the years, it’s pretty clear that art making has always been how I make sense of my world: visually, intellectually, philosophically and emotionally. The process of being an artist in my everyday life, has shown me that making my work is what’s most important. I am already looking, thinking, and processing, everywhere I go, everything I do. Visually I am most drawn to and interested in the spaces painted over or left untended. The colors, shapes and feelings of painted over, peeled away and accidental pairings that I see in my walks and rides through Boston, influence all my drawings, photographs and paintings. In my paintings I work with color, the push and pull of background and foreground, and framing and balance all to contain, interpret and make sense of the hustle, bustle and grit and noise that is modern life. I am forever literally using my work to make sense of the things I can not quite get a handle on. Painting is my place of grappling with what I don’t understand, it is my way of seeking something larger than myself.”


Abbie Wanamaker is a Boston based artist. Originally from small-town, southern Massachusetts, she received her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, with a concentration in painting, from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. There she worked primarily in watercolor before turning to latex paint, drawn by it’s immediacy, it’s strong colors, and it’s inherent ability to allow for a fast pace layering and large scale painting. Abbie went on to study at the University of Southern California, receiving her MFA in 2001. Totally breaking open her practice, at USC she explored ideas of comfort/discomfort/organized chaos/revelation and control through sculpture, sewing, photography and installation. After more than years of primarily small scale drawing and photography, she has recently returned to painting.