Boston-based artist Cheryl Robinson's practice dances among disciplines like her mind and body move with ceaseless energy. Installation, video and relational aesthetics whirl but the work never departs from drawing, printmaking and painting. Born in 1973, Robinson listens to life as it moves along recording and investigating by way of color as space in action. Robinson's process includes gardening, child-rearing, collage, bicycling, music, sweeping and poetry and constant observational drawing.She cites artist residencies and travel as transformative experiences. She began her artist's journey at Massachusetts College of Art and embodies the generous, hardworking spirit she encountered working with formalist teachers: James Cambronne, Roger Tibbetts, Fred Liang, and Nona Hershey.

Robinson returned to graduate school after 10 years as a professional artist, earning her Masters of Art and Masters of Fine Arts degrees with concentrations in Drawing and Intermedia in 2013 from the University of Iowa. Her influences from the Praireland include the prolific draftsman and installation artist David Dunlap; the mother of excess, Susan Chrysler White; and activist documentarian Sarah Kanause. She has enjoyed being a part of several projects including: The Vermont Studio Center; The Compact's Dune Shacks of Cape Cod's Provincelands and Cite International, Paris France; Buddhist Landscape Painting Guide in Thailand; Printmaking of Eastern China; Oaxaca, Mexico and the Printmaking tradition.