For My Prayer Has Always Been Love - New Works by Pete Hocking

Four Eleven Gallery is thrilled to present Pete Hocking's 2018 summer solo exhibition, For My Prayer Has Always Been Love. This show, beginning on June 29th, marks our fifth season highlighting Pete's work. We are honored to continue to grow in relationship with this talented individual and dear friend. Hocking is an interdisciplinary artist and teacher whose works combine interests in ecology, activism, and visual poetics. His expressive oil paintings are studies on the natural and manmade changes to wilderness and communities on Cape and beyond. Striking compositions draw viewers deep into his scene selections, evoking the relationships between personhood, space and place. Paintings and accompanying events in For My Prayer Has Always Been Love explore the meaning in shared spaces while creating graceful elegy to one of the most significant relationships in a person's life, that of a parent and child.

Returning - Gestural Oil Paintings by Laura Shabott

In her first solo show at Four Eleven Gallery, Shabott celebrates making art inspired by the visual legacy of Provincetown’s art colony. The artist works directly from life using sweeping gestural forms, vibrant color and fearless brushwork. Her training at the Museum School Boston, Fine Arts Work Center and the Provincetown Art Association and Museum is evident in her process-based approach to painting and drawing. Inspired by Hans Hofmann and the local abstract expressionist tradition, her work evolves into visual vocabulary sure to delight anyone refreshed by a courageous artistic voice.

Laura Shabott is part of a core group of practicing Provincetown artists whose year-round presence enlivens and insures the endurance of the colony’s artistic cultural heritage. She is driven to share her experience as a creator, an observer of the arts scene in historical context, and a catalyst for creativity among those hesitant to begin or to begin again.

On View: August 31 - September 19

Opening Reception: August 31, 7 - 9 pm



July 21 - August 9     Opening Reception, Friday July 21, 7-9 pm

The Driftline Series represents the place on the edge, where the sea deposits hidden treasures mingled with wreckage and debris. It is a push and pull of the tides and between representation and abstraction. Through my senses I make careful observations of the natural world around me with which to express my resultant emotions. Sometimes things are clear and still. At other times, scale, depth, color and perspective are distorted. Stillness and controlled brush strokes sway to an urgency where perception is fleeting and the world is in constant motion.



The summer I was fourteen, having been dropped off to stay with my aunt for the summer, as often as possible I'd ride my bike from South Wellfleet to Provincetown. Traveling along the Atlantic coast, before crossing Route 6 to the bayside, I fell in love with the Outer Cape's austere landscape. On those rides, I first became conscious of my desire to move to Provincetown and to become a painter. Despite parental certainty that neither dream was possible, I became a painter in my twenties. But I didn't return to live in the site of my inspiration for another thirty-three years. This series is a meditation on the Outer Cape landscape, my relationship with the land, the way forces greater than ourselves--both planetary and social--break our hearts, and how we endure.

Exhibit Dates:  June 30 - July 20             Opening Reception: Friday, June 30, 7 - 9 pm


Exhibit Dates:  June 16 - 29, 2017      Opening Reception Friday, June 16, 7 - 9pm

Matthew Capaldo’s cinematically inspired to the gloaming presents ten narrative paintings linked by recurring figure and symbol. Lush and idyllic while also being structured and contained in both form and content, the series presents a mystery in a setting of hedge mazes, fountains, ropes and portals.   Something's in the air and Capaldo leaves it to the viewer to determine what, who, and why.


Exhibition Dates: July 15 - Aug 4     Opening Reception Date:  Friday, July 22, 6 -9pm

Helen Grimm’s gently abstracted oil paintings of the Cape Cod seashore depict situations when light bends through water, reflecting texture and color while perception shifts through the tension of surface and depth. Amidst shape altering ebbs and flows, moments emerge marked by clarity and distilled with feeling. These transient yet familiar experiences are sparkling snap shots through distortion, revealing the connection of soul and place through water. Helen Grimm is a native of Cape Cod. She holds an BFA from Cornell Univeristy.


Helen Grimm,  Mussels 16 , oil on canvas, 36" x 48"

Helen Grimm, Mussels 16, oil on canvas, 36" x 48"


Exhibition Dates: July 1 - 14     Opening Reception:  Friday, July 1, 6-9pm

Janine Evers' paintings are colorful abstractions largely influenced by the bay of Provincetown. By layering planes of bright, saturated colors, Evers creates a sense of space and surface; of water, sky and land. 

Janine Evers,  it must have been implied , acrylic on canvas, 24 x 30 in

Janine Evers, it must have been implied, acrylic on canvas, 24 x 30 in


Exhibition Dates: July 1 - 14     Opening Reception:  Friday, July 1, 6-9pm

Pete Hocking’s abstracted landscapes are inspired by his walks through Provincetown. A response to the profound shifts in Provincetown’s culture and vista, Hocking’s work chronicles the loss of one’s sense of place and the consolation that emerges from an enduring landscape.

Pete Hocking,  Good Fences no. 5 , oil on canvas, 24 x 24 in

Pete Hocking, Good Fences no. 5, oil on canvas, 24 x 24 in


Exhibition Dates - June 17 - 30        Opening Reception: Friday June 17, 6 - 9pm

Capaldo's figurative paintings explore the relationship of the self to others and the shifting nature of the individual within and apart from society. The mysterious narrative pull of these intimate, small works offer more questions than answers. Through deliberate, careful rendering, Capaldo’s work balances a tension between flux and stillness, saturation and transparency. The nostalgic tone of the work appears in both form and process. “I’m referencing the past and external, seemingly unrelated images to reveal an internal landscape,” explains the artist. Matthew Capaldo is a year-round Provincetown resident.  He holds a BA in English Literature from Boston University.

Matthew Capaldo,  in the land of milk & honey , 8 x 10 in, oil on canvas

Matthew Capaldo, in the land of milk & honey, 8 x 10 in, oil on canvas