For My Prayer Has Always Been Love - New Works by Pete Hocking

Four Eleven Gallery is thrilled to present Pete Hocking's 2018 summer solo exhibition, For My Prayer Has Always Been Love. This show, beginning on June 29th, marks our fifth season highlighting Pete's work. We are honored to continue to grow in relationship with this talented individual and dear friend. Hocking is an interdisciplinary artist and teacher whose works combine interests in ecology, activism, and visual poetics. His expressive oil paintings are studies on the natural and manmade changes to wilderness and communities on Cape and beyond. Striking compositions draw viewers deep into his scene selections, evoking the relationships between personhood, space and place. Paintings and accompanying events in For My Prayer Has Always Been Love explore the meaning in shared spaces while creating graceful elegy to one of the most significant relationships in a person's life, that of a parent and child.

Liz Carney