I am a collector of tiny beautiful things. It is rare that I return from a walk without finding a bone or claw or some other little treasure in my pocket. Raw beauty – found in both the mundane and the extraordinary – drives me to create and continue along my exploratory path. Growing up home-schooled in rural Vermont, I spent much of my time roaming around outside with my five siblings. Art was woven into every subject we studied, and drawing was a tool we used to understand the world around us. The ebullient curiosity my family nurtured has remained with me to this day, and has deepened my appreciation for the simultaneous fragility and resilience of nature.
Although I am currently focused on creating two-dimensional illustrations, I enjoy working in a variety of mediums, and will adapt my process to the available materials and subject matter. When I sit down to draw or paint one of my found objects, rarely do I have a plan in mind. I observe the patterns, colors, and textures, recalling what it was that initially caught my eye. From there, the process is both experimental and meditative. My hope is to remind people to look closer, dig deeper, and ask questions; to seek meaning beyond the surface layers; to examine the spaces in between – the forgotten and overlooked, seemingly minute details  – and above all else, to pay attention.