July 20th - August 8th, 2018

Four Eleven Gallery presents Helen Grimm’s eighth solo exhibition, Intertidal. Grimm’s work is “compelled by transition zones; where land meets water, sea joins sky, and forest gives way to marshy field. These are the edges where magic shimmers.” Like the coastal environments that most inspire her, Grimm paints from a mystical place between two worlds. Straddling abstraction and representation, she pulls the most evocative forms from each side into a signature, enigmatic style—a sweet spot, as lush with interchange as the ecology in tidal pools. For this show, Grimm expands her color palette, and makes inquiries into perception and attempts to capture the ephemeral.

In the artist’s words: “I have been exploring how a seemingly solid sense of reality can suddenly change, like light does when it bends through water.” Moving between the landscape and the studio, she notes distortions in her experiences of color, depth, and scale. She renders flashes between moment and memory, with a keen awareness of a fragile grasp on time. “Controlled brush strokes sway to an urgency borne from the fleeting perceptions of a world in constant motion.”

Opening Reception: Friday, July 20th, 7-9pm