I have been inspired by Provincetown's landscape for almost twenty years. In that time I have recorded the changing waterfront and more recently have shifted my gaze away from the harbor to record more organic and internal landscapes. In the early works of industrial waterfront imagery, the subject matter seemed dangerous and strangely exciting. I felt a need to approach this ever-popular subject matter of the pier and boatyards in spite of their cliché.  Over the past five years my works have focused in on more organic subjects, yet they all retain an underlying structure I had observed in the architecture of the boats and shipyards. These newer paintings often straddle conventional notions of representation and abstraction. I have become interested in the inherent ambiguity and complexity of living things versus the man made objects of my past works. They are more emotional works and they skew our understanding of the real and the abstract.  

From my earlier industrial waterfront paintings to the more recent gardens, the imagery delivers an intensified experience of color and the impact of complex space. I work on both canvas and panels and the paintings are heavily impastoed with wax and oil.  My marks are made with knife and brush.  I am greatly interested in the process of painting and in what paint can do.