FEBRUARY 18th - MARCH 9th, 2017

For President's Day weekend, Four Eleven Gallery is producing a love and resistance art extravaganza titled "Post Love in a Post Truth Era". The show addresses the enduring surprises and power of love with work from more than a dozen artists including regular gallery artists Liz Carney, Madelyn Carney, Matthew Capaldo, Janine Evers, Claire Griffin, Helen Grimm, Peter Hocking, Robin Levandov, Tjasa Owen and Brigid Watson as well as guests Naya Bricher, Meg Ly, Lisa Daria Kennedy, Chris Wilcox, Kathy Phipps, Benjamin Kyle Weihbrecht and Laura Shabott. 

The show’s title holds meaning on multiple levels from the literal (opening post Valentine's Day) to the lofty and political, with an interactive art station which will involve our US Post. Reva Blau will staff a table for writing and decorating love letters to mail to politicians, refugees or anyone in need of some kindness.

On the topic of self love, artist Lisa Daria Kennedy has been buying herself a weekly bouquet of flowers since 2009, creating a daily still life from the bouquet and amassing nearly 3,000 small works. This show will feature 30 of them, a month’s worth of flowers. 

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 18th, 5-8pm