REveries & Confections

New Paintings By Naya Bricher

AUGUST 23rd - 29th, 2019

Naya Bricher’s paintings honor the effervescence of living an object-filled life within a content-rich world. She revels in whimsicality and is intrigued by nonessential indulgences, such as desserts, pool toys and novelty pets. Her paintings are shaped by her attraction to intense color, combined imagery and cumulative, nonsensical, narrative. 

A staff artist-in-residence at the Fine Arts Work Center, Bricher says, “This show, Reveries and Confections, embodies my vibrant, self-expressive wardrobe, a deep respect for ‘treating yourself’ and the ripe potential of a full refrigerator. I find the studio to be space in which I am able to delve into fanciful and fantastical ideas. As an imagemaker, I savor the narrative freedom created by non sequitur leaps of dream logic.” These new paintings offer viewers a variety of daydream spaces through a rich concoction of visual flavors. Amidst invented landscapes, viewers will find religious themes folded in with buttercream, seals, skeletons, chocolate bunnies, styrofoam, gelatin molds, petit-fours and shark fins.

Opening Reception: Friday, August 23rd, 7-9pm