NEW WORK BY Helen Grimm

July 26th - August 9th, 2019

Swim is about diving in, being present and noticing through paint. Water, as a metaphor for life, swirls around us as the tides and currents shift. Sometimes things sparkle with clarity, and at other times scale, depth, color and perspective are distorted. Whether the details are murky or crisp, the feelings of place and self are true. 

Grimm’s paintings embrace the push and pull between representation and abstraction and blend careful observation with emotional expression.  Her focus is often on nature’s salty and shifting transition zones; where land meets water and where magic shimmers and twists perception. Rejoicing in the contradictions of life’s texture and scale, she makes visual and emotional connections with which to express her inner life on canvas. Stillness in concert with controlled brush strokes sway to an urgency of fleeting images where the world is constant motion, evoking a moment of time in Grimm’s beautiful visual language.

Opening Reception: Friday, July 26th, 7-9pm