Naya Bricher 

In my artistic practice, I revel in the acquisition of objects and the visual chaos of consolidating our material lives to fill rooms, spaces, drawers and closets. I gather iconography from discarded remnants, essentially unwanted but still viable raw materials, such as ephemera, textiles, technology and foodstuffs. Specifically intrigued by the weight, strain and consequence of excess, I have worked with nonessential indulgences like desserts, shopping bags and pool toys. My recent engagement with fabric offcuts unites photography, projection, painting and perception. Lacking a scale reference or clear subject, the space created is disorienting. The work is non-colored, neither still life nor landscape, and even resists a media category. Through this process of removal and simplification, the fabric images become unnamable. Beginning with opulent mountains of stuff, I’m faced with the challenge of learning how close I can come to nothing.